Hydrotherapy circuit

Hydrotherapy circuit Spa - MiM Sitges Hotel 4*


  • 2 pools, one with salt water
  • Sauna and Hammam
  • Sensations shower
  • Heated lounge chairs
  • Free access for guests who have booked their rooms here on our official website. 50% discount for the rest of guests
  • Minimum age allowed: 16 years old
  • The use of swimsuit, flip-flops and swimming cap is required, which the Spa can provide at an additional cost

Experience the health benefits of water in its different states

The hydrotherapy circuit of the Hotel MiM Sitges is a unique thermal experience, thanks to the combination of thermal water techniques that activate our circulation, relax our body and mind, and that allow you to achieve an absolute sensation of peace and well-being.

Our circuit consists of a Finnish sauna, steam bath, sensations shower, swimming pool, cold plunge pool, spectacular salt water pool and heated lounge chairs to relax and cool off.

The pools in our circuit use a saline hydrolysis system to sanitize the waters, using only two natural, non-polluting elements, thus showing respect for the environment: water and salt.

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