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Challenge yourself to enjoy a different kind of day, new experiences, great emotions, and, as the only witness of your adventure,...the sea.

Enjoy the wide range of options in Sitges and the surrounding areas: you can choose to take the helm of your own boat, wakeboard, fish, dive, or sail, among many other water activities. All of these are available both at the Sitges Nautic Club and at Port Esportiu d'Aiguadolç.

Cava is a Spanish designation of sparkling wines made by the traditional method. The region that gave birth to the name, the Cava Region, includes the Catalan district of the Penedés.

It is difficult to think of cava without also thinking about the Freixenet wineries. Its facilities are located in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, in Barcelona, where about 90% of the country's entire cava vintage is produced. Visiting these wineries is an immersion into the tradition and culture of one of the most internationally famous wine brands.

Discovering the Catalan region of Penedès is to enter the exciting world of wine. Its cellars and 270 wineries offer endless possibilities. The most popular options are guided tours in which the process of wine-making is taught or wine-tastings are conducted by their wine experts.

Some also offer the possibility of overnight stays at their facilities, organizing family events or business meetings. Others also choose to schedule cultural activities, such as exhibitions or concerts.

The Sierra del Garraf is part of the southern region of the Sierra de Marina or Litoral. Although surface waters are practically nonexistent, the park does encompass the Falconera underground river.

Along the many hiking routes available, we find remains of the Eramprunyá and Olivella castles, which mark the passage through these lands of the Saracen wars. In addition, we can visit the hospital of Olesa de Bonesvalls to enjoy its medieval architecture.

Among the many activities to be enjoyed in Sitges, there are several golf courses for practicing golf swings. Within the city itself we have the splendid Terramar golf course, located by the sea, an impressive landscape.

In addition, in the surrounding areas (up to more than 25 km. away) we can find other golf courses, like those of La Graiera, Can Cuyas Golf and the Barcelona Golf Club.

Sitges' advantageous location, between the Garraf massif and the sea,makes it one of the main attractions in summer, and in wintertime the spectacle of the waves breaking against the breakwater is a must-see visit.

Each of its eighteen beaches possesses features that make them unique, and offers the opportunity for each guest to find his or her own space, depending on his or her wishes and tastes. Likewise, Sitges is located a few kilometers from well-known beaches such as Del Hombre Muerto, Del Garraf beach, Vilanova i la Geltrú, Cala Morisca and Desencorada.
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